Donnerstag, 13. November 2008

Welche Tarotkarte bist du

Mal für meinen Nick.

You Are The Magician

You are powerful and wise - beyond what anyone can see. Deeply complex, you have the resources to connect to the spiritual and material world.
You posses the knowledge to manipulate your life and the lives around you.
You also have a great healing power, should you choose to use it.

Your fortune:

You have unhidden powers that you have yet to tap into.
Soon, you will better understand how to use your intellect and intuition.
Believe it or now, you will discover how you can manipulate yourself and others for good.
You are at the beginning of a path of spiritual enlightenment.

Hm, gewisse Sachen treffen durchaus zu, obwohl ich auf meiner Reise in der grauen Dämmerung zwischen Licht und Schatten nun auch von der vernachlässigten, oder unterdrückten Seite des Magiers Gebrauch gemacht habe.

Mal gucken was unter meinem bürgerlichen Namen rauskommt.

You Are The Wheel of Fortune

You represent the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. You embrace change, the the ups and downs of life.
Fate is something you accept, even when you could possibly change things.
Big things tend to happen to you more than other people.

Your fortune:

Something huge is about to happen in your life, and you have little control over it.
You must accept your destiny, but luckily it is good fortune that has come your way.
Big things and big changes are about to come your way. And while things will be intense for a while, they will be followed by a period of rest.

Interessant, manchmal muss man gewisse Dinge geschehen lassen, auch wenn man sie ändern könnte. Klingt nach dem Prinzip: die Beherrschung des Unvermeidlichen.

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